Saturday, April 18, 2015

New Loves and Exes

As I reheat leftovers, spring air lofts through wire window screens renewing my energy.  It has been 10 months since my last post.  I have been immersed in a demanding job which honestly left no bandwidth for this space.  While I don't dare to expect anyone to be out there, I'm drawn to share our lives with you once again.

Since last we met in this digital tryst, new loves have entered my life, and others have quietly moved on.
No, Greg and I are still happily married.  But, yes, I have taken on new habits and have booted the out-lived ones.

While this list doesn't completely you catch up on our lives, it's a glimpse into where our heads are at this moment in time.

I hope you enjoy a few photos from the last year, peppered throughout my little list of New Loves and Exes.

List of New Loves and Exes:

  • Ex = Costco / New Love = BJ's.  I just love the organic selection, clothes and books that BJs offers.  

  • Ex = Legalistic cooking everything from scratch / New Love = moderation in all things.  We just had to strike a balance between time and homemade everything.  So, we buy a lot more of our food each week.

  • Ex = almond flour, nuts and seeds, honey, chocolate  /  New Love = whole vegetables, fruits.   My healing journey has made me aware of the dangers lectins and fructose. When I stopped eating nuts and seeds, my skinned cleared up.  And stabilizing blood sugar levels with low-glycemic foods has been nothing short of miraculous.

  • Ex = Red Box / New Love = Prime Instant Video.  We signed up for Amazon Prime last July and have enjoyed family-friendly and Inspirational movies for free in addition to the free shipping.

  • Ex = expanding our farm / New Love = maintaining our farm.  We nearly burned out on all the ground work at our farm. It is enough for now to mow grass and tackle invasive animals, insects and weeds.  We welcome winter for the restful break it provides.

  • Ex = driving / New Love = metroing.  Now I enjoy a round trip commute of walking to the metro, riding downtown and walking to work.  It is so peaceful, I love it.  I get to read, work, pray or meditate on God's Word.

Do you have any New Loves?  Replaced any worn out habits? 

I'd love to hear from you, so leave a comment and share your news with me.

Joy to you,

Two Peas