Wednesday, August 29, 2012

August Highlights

As the summer winds down, and August along with it, I'd like to share a few favorites...
1)  Exercising many days this month.  How is your plan going?  After my last post, I exercised 10 days in a row and have continued a regular habit of exercising.
2)  I started a new position on my project and have dedicated more of my time to work.  Hm.  This is not exciting news.
3) Made 2 trips to the beach.  One to Bethany Beach with a good friend and her family.  The other one to Rehoboth with my dear husband, Greg.
4) I've had some wonderful, inspiring visits with friends in the last week as I have taken a few days off.
5) A surprise... you'll hear about it next month!

Enjoy a few pics from Rehoboth Beach.



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