Monday, August 19, 2013

Summer Highlights from The Farm

We have worked steadily this spring and summer to begin to convert our property into our dream...a farm.  Here are a few highlights from our summer.
It all started in early spring with the creation of a small orchard, the planting of eight fruit trees.  Scouring library books, we stumbled our way through the art and science of planting these fragile saplings in hopes of a long, fruitful life.  The fulfillment of a childhood dream for each of us.

For July 4th my sister's family visited-- a silent smile and warmth permeates just remembering their visit.  One of the activities was picking wild black raspberries, thus fulfilling a year-long vision.  You see, when we first viewed the property last summer, those wild brambles seduced me.  Oh, how I had been thinking of them ever since. 
A fun, long overdue project was recently completed:  a $12 compost bin.  Complete with pallets and a few fence pickets, Greg and I pieced and nailed together a functional 3-bin composting system. 

The compost bin replaces a "pile" of stuff we accumulated all spring and summer.  This "pile" however, has turned out to be of great value-- an enormous, fertile spaghetti squash stalk is spewing out of it.  When first discovered, one of the vines was even growing vertically up a tree!  It has since dropped to the ground under the weight of the squash.  Needless to say, we are looking forward to this harvest, one we neither planted, nor water, but most heartily will reap.
In closing, I leave you with one of our sunsets on the farm.  As the days grow shorter and cooler, the tales of our first summer have served to create warm and lasting memories.
Happy Trails,        
--Two Peas

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