Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Spring's Hope

This morning, with two inches of freshly fallen snow covering the ground, I was half asleep snug in my bed when I heard a distant sound, again and again.  I paid more attention to it.  It began to evoke a feeling and a memory from previous years.  

I listened more closely and knew I heard it correctly.  It was the call of mourning doves.  They return this time of year to usher in Spring, and I have enjoyed the distinct low-pitched call year after year with hope in my heart.  

I couldn't believe it!  They came even with freshly fallen snow on a frigid winter morning.  I listened with the fresh thought that Spring will come again.  

Our God created the sun, moon, stars and seasons and they do not change.  We can count on them.  

We can count on Him, also.  In His infinite love He has also promised us that He will never change.  

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